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ExoRich reagent- isolates exosomes in 15 min
  • 2ml (20 reactions)
  • 10ml (100 reactions)
  • 40ml (400 reactions)
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    ExoRich is an optimized method to help isolate exosomes.15 minutesHigh-quality exosomes are isolated from samples.

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    1. Exosomes are 30-150 nm particles believed to be secreted from multivesicular endosomes and contain proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids, including mRNA and microRNA.Exosomes are present in almost all body fluids.They play multifaceted roles in cell-to-cell communication, immune responses, and the progression of diseases ranging from cancer to neurodegenerative diseases.
    2. The isolation of exosomes has been the Achilles' heel of fully exploiting this important biological element.Traditional methods such as differential centrifugation, size exclusion chromatography, ultrafiltration, density gradient, etc. all have their advantages and disadvantages.
    3. ExoRich is an optimized method to help isolate exosomes.It aims to overcome as many challenges as possible through the following features.


    The main features of this product are:

    1. Easy to use: 15 minutesIsolate high-quality exosomes from samples within.
    2. Sample types include:Plasma, serum, culture medium.can handleas little as100 μlsample.
    3. Inexpensive compared to many available exosome isolation methods.
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    2ml (20 reactions), 10ml (100 reactions), 40ml (400 reactions)