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About us

Reliance Biosciences is a startup from the National Taiwan University co-founded by Professor Andrew Wo and a postdoctoral research team specializing in microfluidics, cell culture, exosomes, and regulations. We collaborate with a team of doctors from National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipei Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and Taipei Medical University Hospital.

We are passionate about delivering frontier molecular diagnostics for the management of Alzheimer’s Disease. Using a simple blood test, known as liquid biopsy, test results provide personalized, real-time insight contributing to physicians’ decisions in disease management. Our proprietary immunoassay technology enables ultra-high sensitivity protein detection of exosome markers for Alzheimer's disease.


Andrew Wo


  • PhD, MIT
  • Former Associate Vice President, R&D and Former Director, Center of Industry-Academia Collaboration (CIAC), National Taiwan University
  • Former Director, Nano Electro Mechanical System (NEMS) Research Center, National Taiwan University
  • Former Chair, Washington Accord (International Accreditation of Engineering Degree Programs)

Alex Tsai


  • MBA, City University of New York
  • CPA, State of California