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Our approach

Exosomes are nano-sized vesicles secreted by cells, including specific disease-related cells, and control biological manifestations through blood circulation. The nucleic acids encapsulated by these exosomes and the protein components of the source cells have been proven to contain a wealth of clinically relevant diagnostic biomarkers.

Current Approaches

Exosomes - our Technology | current market PET scan for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Exosomes - our Technology | current market spinal tap for diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Our Approach using Exosomes

Exosomes in the blood - our Technology | Reliance Biosciences
  • abundant in blood (109/mL plasma)
  • secreted by neurons
  • can cross blood-brain barrier (BBB)
    • exosomes: 30-150nm diameter
  • contain disease-specific cargo (protein, mRNA, RNA, DNA)


EXOSOMES (30-150nm in diameter) are bio-nanoparticles secreted from cells, including disease-specific cells, and make their way into the blood circulation. They contain valuable nucleic acids and proteins from their cells of origin and have proven to contain rich source of clinically relevant diagnostics targets. With a billion exosomes in a millimeter of plasma, exosomes’ diagnostic values are demonstrated in cardiovascular, cancers and a range of life-threatening diseases.

Exosome diagram