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LipoMin reagent – removes lipoproteins from UC & SEC's exosomal fraction(s) in 12 min.
  • 0.4ml (20 reactions)
  • 1ml (50 reactions)
  • 2ml (100 reactions)
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    1. Lipoprotein (LP) particles in peripheral blood include high-density LP (HDL, 5-12 nm, 1.063-1.210 g/cm3), low-density LP (LDL, 18-25 nm, 1.019-1.063 g/cm3), medium Density LP (IDL, 25-35 nm, 1.006-1.019 g/cm3), very low-density LP (VLDL, 30-80 nm, 0.930-1.006 g/cm3) and chylomicrons (75-1200 nm, <0.930 g/cm3) cm3) [Karimi et al., 2018].A subpopulation of extracellular vesicles (EVs), 30-150 nm particles thought to be secreted by multivesicular endosomes, containing proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids.Overall, there are approximately 1016 LP particles compared to 1010 EVs.Therefore, removal of LP is critical for many applications.
    2. LipoMin is an optimized method for the removal of LP in 12 minutes using functionalized magnetic beads.LipoMin can be used on EV fractions after size exclusion chromatography (SEC), samples from ultracentrifugation (UC), or samples from density gradient (DG) processing.




    The main features of this product are:

    1. Easy to use: 12 minutesInternal high-quality removal of lipoproteins by magnetic beads
    2. Sample type:SEC-treated EV fractions, UC pellet samples, density gradient (DG)-treated samples
    3. Each reaction can useas low as5 µlThe SEC-processed EV score of
    4. No additives, such as surfactants or polymers, were added to the sample
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    Dimensions 18 x 13 x 8 cm

    0.4ml (20 reactions), 1ml (50 reactions), 2ml (100 reactions)