All products are free shipping in Taiwan


If you have any questions about the products or the ordering process – please contact us by email at

Products are generally shipped within 1 week from when payment is received.
Shipping charges are not quoted at the time the order is placed or accepted.
All products are shipped at controlled temperature (+4…+8°C) with ice packs. 
Additional charges will be invoiced for special packaging or delivery requested by the customer. Unless otherwise specified, products are shipped FOB origin, freight prepaid and added to the invoice. [free on board origin]
Reliance is not responsible for delays due to Customs or weather conditions.
Manufacturing time: maximum 1 week. Except for custom-made products, where the time of manufacture depends on the particular product.

Taiwan Orders

At checkout, please indicate your Business Tax ID (unified number) when prompted. Free delivery for orders in Taiwan.

International Orders

Coming soon

The easiest way to place an order is through our website. In case you fail to place an order through the website, please send your order request or questions via email to: are processed after the payment or payment order is received by Reliance.

Payments in Taiwan
Currently we accept payments by bank transfer only. To pay via local bank transfer or ATM, purchase the product online and follow the step-by-step guide to checkout. Please remit the amount to the bank account below which is also cited in your order confirmation, and email a copy of the transaction slip with your order number to。 We will process your order once payment is received.

Hua Nan Commercial Bank, Ltd.
Swift code: HNBKTWTP (008 Taita Branch)
A/C No.: 
Reliance Biosciences, Inc.

South China Commercial Bank
Code: HNBKTWTP (008 National Taiwan University Branch)
Account number: 154-10-000905-1


  1. Reliance will ensure that all the ordered products get packed correctly.
  2. Buyer should ask all the questions regarding the products before making an order. 
  3. Buyer has the right to demand refund, in case he/she has received a damaged, broken or a product which was not in the order, or if the product is missing.
  4. Buyer has to take photos of the damaged products and send them to Reliance and the carrier service provider, or if it is a technical problem, then send the product back to Reliance for inspection.
  5. If the parcels/packages are severely deformed during the transport, then a buyer should take photos of the parcel/packages and should not accept the parcel。 If such problem occurs, Reliance will dispatch this order again.

Product Returns

  1. Reliance ensures the quality of our products. Reliance does not accept returns for any products. The nature of the products and the requirement for proper storage will not allow us to accept returns.
  2. If you find an issue with the performance of a product please contact us. We will accept standard scientific procedure for proof of non or sub-par performance of a product that we have sold to you. Proof of non or sub-par performance should include a positive control.
  3. If we find the product to be out of specification we will replace it at no cost to you.
  4. The problem submission time is 2 months after receiving the products.