RELIANCE BIOSCIENCES is a start up from the  National Taiwan University (NTU), the flagship university of Taiwan. Co-founders include Prof. Andrew M. Wo and a team of talent postdocs and assistants skilled in microfluidics, cell culture, processing of exosomes and regulatory affairs. We collaborate with the National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) – a 2,200-bed large-scale metropolitan teaching hospital with a rich pool of patients samples.

We are passionate about delivering frontier molecular diagnostics for the management of Alzheimer’s Disease. Using a simple blood test, known as liquid biopsy, test results provide personalized, real-time insight contributing to the physicians’ decision in disease management. Our proprietary immunoassay technology enables the ultra-high sensitivity of protein detection of exosomes. 


Andrew Wo


  • PhD from MIT
  • Associate VP for R&D, National Taiwan University (NTU)
  • Managed IP, tech transfer & start-ups.
  • Director of the Nano-Electro Mechanical Systems Center, NTU
  • Co-founded two startups

Alex Tsai

financial controller

Technical Team

Grace Huang

m.s. in marine biotechnology & resources, national sun yat-sen university

Cell culture, medical regulatory affairs

Po-Chieh Chiang

Phd in chemical engineering, ntu

Cell membrane bio-chips, integration of micro/nanofabrication, surface modification and characterization

Claire Li

M.S. in biochemical science & technology, NTU

Monocional antibody production, proteomics, molecular biology, cell culture and assays

David Hsu

M.S. in applied mechanics, NTU

Microfluidics design, MEMS fabrication, medical regulatory affairs